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spacer Artfully arranged, each naturally sweetened mix is available individually in
an 8-ounce gift presentation, paired in a gift box or featured in smaller 2-ounce sample packs. For a limited time, we offer our Crunch in holiday-themed packaging – perfect for healthier traditions or as hostess thank you's.

Comfort Crunch Original   Original
Our Original mix perfectly pairs the sweetness of dried fruits with the crunch of salted nuts. Hand-picked ingredients inspire better health and gift-giving.

Comfort Crunch Pepita   Pepita Pick-Me-Up
Perfect for those with a zest for life, Pepita Pick-Me-Up savors the sentiment of autumn all year round. Pumpkin seeds and crystallized ginger give a candied pep to the Original mix.
Comfort Crunch Toffee   Toffee Talk
This irresistible flavor infuses the old-fashioned taste of toffee into our Original mix. Toffee Talk's chunks of crunchy chocolate are admittedly conversation-stopping.
Comfort Crunch Ginger   Ginger in a Snap
With roots in healing, our ginger is chocolate-coated and refreshingly sweet. This palate-pleasing addition to the Original recipe makes Ginger in a Snap a must-try mix.
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